The World’s First Signal Corps.

Early German Walkie Talkie
Early German Walkie Talkie

They can fly circuits of around 100 miles. They go unnoticed because there are billions of them. They can be trained to fly to a home, and to food and back to home and back to food.

They have crushed Empires with the most deadly weapon known to any army: information.

They were used by Greeks to inform the winners of the Olympics. They were used by combatants of WWII because they were more reliable than radio. they were used in hiding the invasion of Normandy and maintain radio silence.

The Egyptians used them. Darius of Persia used them.

In WWI, a carrier pigeon named Cher Amie helped Major Charles Whittlesey of the 77th infantry call off an artillery strike that was landing on his own forces.

Last year, the Spanish military, the last holdout finally  retired their pigeon corps.

Here’s a salute to one of the world’s most disgusting soldiers.

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