The Gigantic German Heavy Tank. The K Wagen

by Daniel Russ on August 17, 2010

K- Wagen Heavy German Tank

K Wagen German Heavy Tank Prototype WWI

Side And Top View K Wagen

K Wagen

Two of these behemoth prototype heavy tanks were built by Germany around 1917. Originally planned to weigh 165 tons, it was shortened and the prototypes weighed 120 tons. It was so big, nothing could carry it except a train or a ship and only then in pieces. It might have actually seen battle but the Treaty of Versailles forbade Germany from making heavy armor.

Source: Wiki

“The K-Wagen was to be armed with four 77 mm fortress guns and seven Maxim machine guns and had a crew of 27: a commander, two drivers, a signaler, an artillery officer, 12 artillery men, eight machine gunners and two mechanics. At the beginning of the project the incorporation of flamethrowers was considered but later rejected.”


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