Iranians May Have Refurbished 60 F-14s We Left Behind In Iran

Iranian F-14s

During the early 60s and 70s, the CIA helped to establish a puppet government over Iran ( the US meddling in the foreign affairs of a Mid Eastern country over oil???????SHOCKERS!!!!) in the name of this guy called the Shah Reza Pahlavi. Well, He looks about as Persian as I do. He dressed like a Prussian General, he rode a white horse, and he was corrupt. That said, the US helped to build one of the biggest, most capable and most modern air forces in the world right behind the US and Israel.

Reza Pahlavi, The Shah of Iran

This air force had over 30 F-5 Freedom Fighters and 79, F-14 A Tomcats all operating off of almost 20 airbases, equipped with tankers and long range reconnaissance air craft as well.

Well, we all know what happened to that government. An extreme anti- western Islamist the Ayatolla Khomeini took power and guess what we left behind? You bet about seven squadrons of aircraft. Guess what else I found out poking around various blogs and military sites…You bet, they have at least 60 completely refurbished Tomcats still flying.


2 thoughts on “Iranians May Have Refurbished 60 F-14s We Left Behind In Iran”

  1. They are flying and in some cases the radar works, but without the ability to carry Phoenix missiles which I have yet to hear that they have maintained, the F-14s are being used essentially as AWACS platforms. That’s what I’ve been hearing for the last decade and have heard nothing more than this.

    Just ’cause they can fly doesn’t mean they can fight effectively.

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