The Strangest Combat Aircraft Ever Built.

by Daniel Russ on June 15, 2009

The Blohn and Voss 141 aircraft had the range to reach Manahattan, and few knew about it.

The Blohm and Voss 141 Tactical Reconnaissance Aircraft. No Other Planes Have Ever Had This Asymmetrical Design.

In 1937, the Reichsluftfahrtministerium (German Air Ministry) issued a request for proposal to build a single engine tactical scout and reconnaissance aircraft with emphasis on visibility for observers. German engineering is no myth and it was no different in WWII. Some of the most innovative designs were actually fielded decades ahead of their time. Blohn and Voss’ Dr. Richard Vogt created the design for the BV 141 which was later used for other variations of this odd aircraft.

Originally designed to carry bombs, it later was outfitted with high-resolution high speed cameras. The main characteristic of the asymmetrical designs of Dr. Vogt was a starboard mounted flight deck and cabin and a port mounted engine. Often there as only one aft horizontal stabilizer that extended off the port tail and there was literally no starboard aft horizontal stabilizer.

It had plenty of critics who simply could not see the aesthetics that this odd design seemed to violate despite its fine performance in trials.

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The BV 141

The BV 141

The BV 141

Tactical Strike Variation of the BV 141

Rear View of the BV 141

Rear View of the BV 141


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