Top Secret America


Today’s Washington Post once again demonstrates the importance of separating your opinions about a new organization’s reporting and its editorial page. While Wapo’s editorial page is now officially batshit crazy, two reporters, one of them Dana Priest have started an initiative called Top Secret America wherein they are trying to get their heads around the massive, unwieldy and super secretive counterterror organizations that have sprung up since 9/11. These groups represent roughly 850,000 people doing everything from cyber terrorism to satellite reconnaissance to personnel tracking, more people than actually live in DC. The budgets are enormous and there is apparently little oversight testing whether there is too much overlap. The article is a series and there is a website Top Secret America

you can easily reference. The website basically says that this is so big, it constitutes a new branch of the government and few people have any idea how it can possibly be managed. For all it size and secrecy, it was an airline passenger that prevented the Christmas Day bombing on an airliner headed into Detroit.

This is a major undertaking and a must read.


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