Blue Eyes

by Daniel Russ on July 18, 2010

Beechcraft King Air 90

U.S. Air Force officials are exploring new ways to marry signals and imagery intelligence collection to find enemies on the ground in Afghanistan.

One such project collocates collection of these two types of intelligence on slow-flying tactical Hawker Beechcraft King Air 90s.

The program, dubbed Blue Devil, is designed to help operators more easily locate and quickly identify dismounted adversaries and enemy tactical communications. This is an Air Force-led project, with support from the Air Force Research Laboratory and Pentagon Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Task Force.

The key to the project is the marriage of a wide-area surveillance camera system with signals intelligence, an Air Force official says. The goal with Blue Devil is to track individuals by using communications intelligence cues to help operators direct their imaging sensors. SAIC is the lead integrator on Blue Devil.

Source: Aviation Week


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