The Boeing 314 Clipper

by Daniel Russ on June 27, 2010

Boeing 314 Clipper passenger Liner Flight Deck

Boeing 314 Clipper Flight Deck

Boeing 314 Clipper

The Boeing 314 Clipper was a long-range flying boat produced by the Boeing Airplane Company between 1938 and 1941 and is comparable to the British Short S.26. One of the largest aircraft of the time, it used the massive wing of Boeing’s earlier XB-15 bomber prototype to achieve the range necessary for flights across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Twelve Clippers were built for Pan Am, three of which were sold to BOAC in 1941 before delivery.”

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Corsair8X July 4, 2010 at 5:53 pm

This might have been my favourite of the big seaplanes running passengers. What an age, where travel really was adventurism into almost unknown territory.

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