Did North Korea Torpedo A South Korean Military Vessel With A Midget Submarine?

by Daniel Russ on June 8, 2010

P-4 North Korean Midget Submarine

Midget Sub"

The North Korean Yugo class (NATO code name) is said by some sources to be so named because it was built to plans supplied by Yugoslavia in 1965. The Yugoslav Navy was designed to control the coast of the Adriatic with fast patrol boats, frigates and small submarines. These submarines included three Heroj class submarines commissioned in the 1960s, no less than nine Una and Mala class midgets submarines (the same model was later sold to North Korea) and two more modern Sava class boats laid down in 1975. The Savas were 964 tons full load displacement, and carried six 533mm forward torpedo tubes in a 65 meter (213 foot) long hull.”

Source: Wiki

Just FYI, that is the allegation. This is getting strangerer and strangerer.


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