A Thoughtful Memorial Day To You.

Old Glory

Of course, this is all about war. There are times when I simply cannot easily integrate my fascination with war and my revulsion to it. After all, the worst things that can possibly happen seem to all happen in wars: the good die, the worst live, all manner of death and suffering at levels beyond comprehension, torture, humiliation. It’s all too much to bear, to even think about sometime.

But so much human history is invested in war. The smartest minds, the greatest industry the newest technologies all come to bear at wartime. The most interesting things unfold in the unrelenting chaos of war. The best of people and the worst of people come to the forefront and blaze hotly for all to see in war. As horrible as it is, and I can only imagine, as futile as it is, and it certainly seems to change very little. I am still drawn to it. As little as I want to ever be involved in a war. I read copiously about wars. I watch programs about them. I have worked as a vendor to the military. I was in martial arts for 30 years, and war and conflict are all somehow an ineluctable attraction to me.

This holiday is about remembering those sacrifices. There is no such thing as a Happy Memorial Day. It is by design somber.

So enjoy your day and the time off you have with your family. And thanks to the 93,000 visits we got in this year.  Thanks for all of it.

That said, here’s to peace. And please tell your friends about us.


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