by Daniel Russ on June 4, 2010

Pagan, Burma

Kublai Khan was on a tear conquering as much territory as he possibly could and this occurred while all of southeast Asia was under the thrall of the Mongols.

In 1273 Khan sends envoys to Pagan, the Burmese stronghold, but King Narathihapate has them killed for showing the court disrespect. Khan organizes a punishing foray and deploys 12,000 mounted warriors, mostly Turkish mercenaries into the kingdom of Burma to send a message. The Burmese army responds with 60,000 infantry and cavalry and 2000 elephants in a battle called Ngasaunggyan in 1277.

The battle went well for the Burmese at first. The Mongol horses were scared to death by the elephants. But Mongol forces dismounted and fired thousands of arrows at the elephants that caused them to panic and smash into their own lines. A panicked rout followed. The Mongols pursued the Burmese and razed the capital.

Kublai Khan

Source: Battle, R.G.Grant. Convent Garden Books, 2000.



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