by Daniel Russ on May 28, 2010

Thomas Drake

“I’ve chronicled the disturbing trend of prosecuting whistleblowers, including the recent indictment of Thomas A. Drake for allegedly “leaking” to the Baltimore Sun information about the NSA’s waste of billions of dollars and rejection of a surveillance program that would protect Americans’ privacy, the sentencing of 20 months in prison of Shamai Leibowitz after his guilty plea to giving classified information to a blogger, and the grand jury subpoena for of New York Times reporter James Risen’s sources. With no real legal protections and, now, the threat of losing their very freedom, many national security whistleblowers find themselves worse off now than during the Bush years.”

From: DailyKos

You know I just can’t agree with this. I feel that when the country is screwing people you should have a right to blow the whistle on them. When people tell me Obama is a Liberal, I tell them they are koo koo. Obama is about 6% different from Bush. This is bad policy under any administration. If the NSA is wasting money someone should be looking over their shoulder and provide accountability.


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