Williams WASP

Williams WASP

“The WASP II (Williams Aerial Systems Platform) turbofan powered individual lift device was developed under a contract with the US Army Tank Automotive Command of Fort Benning, Gerogia. During 1982 it was flown and tested successfully by some Army personnel, none of whom had previous flight experience. At first very interested, the US Army did not order any.”

Source: X-Planes, blogrolled here


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  2. Read the WASP book by Terry L. Metzgar copyright 1987 and look up 1940 to 1986 STOL/VTOL report AFWAL-TR-86-3071 VOL 1 PDF do recommend thumbnail 179, which is a detailed diagram of the engine/airframe. have a nice day!

    Building the WR35 airframe and the 3.35 to 1 medium bypass fan jet engine to power the WASP III, kinda easy to do, example look up the 1/5 scale Global Hawk engine some High school students built in 150 hours.

    People in 1982 used FM radio to call in artillery strikes from forward observation posts and most cars still used carburetors vs fuel injection.

    Did you know machine shops can build anything you can pay for???

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