The English Longbow

by Daniel Russ on April 22, 2010

English Longbowmen

The English Longbow was the go to weapon for the English Army during the Hundred Years War. It made the difference against French Cavalry at Agincourt, Poitier, Crecy, and a half dozen other skirmishes.

Amazingly simple, but this old fashion bow and arrow was not a composite bow, but a 6 foot 6 inch bow made of ash or elm that when used in unison with a brigade of archers was devastating. Recovered examples of longbows reveal to forensic archeologicst that one of these things could have fired an arrow three and a half football fields. Longbowmen often fired over the infantry and into cavalry behind the lines, or cannonades. A good longbowman could loose 12 arrows a minute. Think about 200 longbowmen dropping 2400 arrows on your formation in 60 seconds. You didn’t want to be on the receiving end of that.

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