The Fire Hedgehog

by Daniel Russ on April 15, 2010

Fire Hedgehog

“This was the name of a system to mow down infantry. It consisted of 88 PPSH guns located in the Tu-2 bomb bay.”

Well I have to say of all the strange weapons, this is certainly one of the most inefficient. By the time it would take to reload 88 machine guns and place them in a firing bay, the war would be over. Reloading would be so clumsy and time consuming that the bets thing that can be said about this idea was that it made a great photo. That said, I have no idea of this was ever used, or just an idea someone convinced others to  support.

The Fire Hedgehog shot a 7.62X25mm round, the same round as the Tokarev pistol. It was a very powerful round. It could also fire some of the MP-40 7.62 mm rounds. So ammunition was plentiful. I have no idea if this was ever actually used.

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