Soviet Kalinin K-7 Heavy Bomber

Soviet Heavy Bomber K-7
Artist Renders K-7
K-7 Heavy Bomber Soviet Union Artist Rendering

Believe it or not, this plane actually flew in 1933. The prototype later crashed and the program was canceled.


5 thoughts on “Soviet Kalinin K-7 Heavy Bomber”

  1. The first picture is correct but those artist renders should probably not be included as they in no way represent the K-7. They are thought to be fairly recent cgi hoaxes. One thing of note is that the turrets are from New Jersey-class battleship main guns.

  2. Well, it might not be a hoax, but the third picture is certainly not something that could ever fly, at least not with those puny engines on it, even if the armor on those massiv turrets was made of paper, and those guns made out of rubber. Also, they would only have a few shots, as the plane is too small to contain much in the way of ammunition.

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