Mysterious Blast Sinks South Korean Warship In North Korean Disputed Waters

Korean Warship

SEOUL, South Korea — Word that a South Korean naval ship sank in the tense waters around the disputed maritime border with communist North Korea set off panic: The president convened an emergency meeting and the military dispatched a fleet of ships.

Five hours later, 58 sailors had been pulled to safety but some 40 others were missing, reports said. There was no indication early Saturday that North Korea was to blame for the ship’s demise, but troops kept a vigilant watch.

Seoul’s panic attack – hours after North Korea’s military threatened “unpredictable strikes” against the U.S. and South Korea – highlighted the fragility of peace on the divided Korean peninsula.

The two Koreas remain locked in a state of war because their three-year conflict ended in a truce, not a peace treaty, in 1953.

Since then, the two Koreas have fought three bloody skirmishes in the Yellow Sea waters. And in January, North Korea fired about 30 artillery rounds not far from Baeknyeong; the South Korean military fired 100 warning shots in response.

The 1,200-ton “Cheonan” was on a routine patrolling mission near South Korea’s Baeknyeong Island on Friday night with 104 crew members on board when the ship began taking on water, Rear Adm. Lee Ki-sik of the Joint Chiefs of Staff told reporters.

Unidentified military officials told South Korea’s Yonhap news agency that an explosion tore a hole into the rear hull, shutting off the engine, wiping out the power and quickly taking the ship down. A number of crew members jumped into the water, Yonhap said.”

Source: AP


2 thoughts on “Mysterious Blast Sinks South Korean Warship In North Korean Disputed Waters”

  1. Doing a recon on a red carpet laid out by the South Koreans. How do you tell them that the NK would destroy the entire Southern region and lay waste to it the first chance they get. But no..the South Koreans are h e l l bent on reunification. Naive just plain naive.

  2. North Korea is poor and has a heavily armed but outdated million man army. South Korea is a much richer nation with about 600,000 better equipped men dug-in with 60 years of defensive cover built. They can defend themselves. Let them do it. Our initial role should be primarily as a deterrent and also minor support as needed. We should not gamble with their lives. The Korean peninsula is densely populated and our interference could escalate into a civilian bloodbath for our South Korean allies.

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