Iraq Rebranded. Iraqi Freedom Is Now New Dawn

by Daniel Russ on February 19, 2010

US Army (USA) Specialist (SPC) Seth Gerkin, right and Private First Class (PFC) Brian Cruz, from the 303rd Armor Attached to the 81st Brigade, Logistics Support Area (LSA) Anaconda, Iraq, fires an M120 120mm Mortar, in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM.

I wish the US military would stop coming up with these Orwellian names to paste on our excursions. All marketing. Pure and simple.

From ABC News

Has the government fallen victim to Twilight hysteria? Parse together the titles of Twilight: New Moon and Twilight: Breaking Dawn and you have the name the Obama administration wants you to call the new phase of the Iraq War. ABC News’ Jake Tapper has learned that the war currently known as “Operation Iraqi Freedom” will be rebranded to “Operation New Dawn” as part of an effort to focus on what General David Petraeus has been told is “a change of mission for U.S. forces in Iraq.” The memo, written by Defense Secretary Robert Gates, states that the name change sends “a strong signal that Operation IRAQI FREEDOM has ended and our forces are operating under a new mission.” Some are crying foul on the name change, worrying that the administration is attempting to hoodwink the public into viewing the war as a minor conflict. Though it appears that the revision was intended to evince a new relationship with Iraq and Iraqi forces, there is some bad blood that might get in the way: “New Dawn” was the name for the brutal series of 2004 battles for Fallujah (at the time, U.S. leaders wanted to call it “Fallujah Fury”).


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