Some Thoughts On The Barbarians In Europe, And The Barbarians In America.

by Daniel Russ on February 14, 2010



The Romans bathed. That is the one salient lifestyle difference that separated the civilized from the barbaric. It is estimated that around 50 BC, the 11 aqueducts transported some 85 million gallons of fresh water into Rome everyday in an astonishing engineering feat of hundreds of miles of precisely built water channels and aqueducts . The Roman people had running water, they had a sewage system, and they had baths. They were a clean, shaven shorn, washed people. The Visigoths and Huns had facial hair, matted hair and they frankly the difference in daily water closet habits gave them a different smell. These were no savages; many were of rich law driven cultures replete with sophisticated artisans with manufacturing technologies that produced fine ornaments and poetry and great ideas. Many were craftsmen of the finest variety.

But there were these newcomers; people who came with  thunderous roar : Vandals, Saxons, Visigoths, Ostrogoths, Suaves, Alamands, Burgundies, Huns, Vikings, Magyars, Mongols, Moghuls, tribes and alliances under hundreds of permutations that began showing up on the doorstep of the Roman empire. From Alpine Gaul to Central Asia, the world was filling up with people and so people were looking for paces to live.

Perhaps there is some comparison when European settlers invaded the New World and overwhelmed unsuspecting indigenous peoples. In the European theater, the barbarians had inferior organization and military technology to the inhabitants. For the Indians, there were no Saxons, Alamands, Vandals, etcetera. It was the French, the British, the Spanish, the Prussians, The Hessians, the Italians, the Mexicans, and the Americans who invaded.  These were not just the tribes that came and usurped them. Our European ancestors had the advantage from the outset in the New World. The invaders to the New World had superior firepower and technology. These  invaders might as well have been aliens from another planet.

Now the barbarians were indigenous and the invaders had the education and the advantage of firepower.

The cause of this sudden disaffection with homeland and meandering around for living space, was the expansion of the human race; often driven in the search for freedom and arable land.

Once this was called Classic Urbanism, when millions lived in the city-states. By 200 AD, the invading tribesmen were creating a new kind of lifestyle where the rich lived in cities and the poor, often segregated tribal people lived together in the countryside. The poor farmed and raised livestock, and sold their services typically to a household or a huge family. The newly rich in the New World had huge tracts of land. Give the fact that transportation from a suburb to work downtown could become expensive the poor lived in the city as well. But on the farms and in the suburbs began the symbiotic relationship that mutated into feudalism. The American expansion was another example of invaders and taking over the land.


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