2 thoughts on “3 Maps of the Battle of Cannae, Each Quite Different”

  1. Well, the first three are a sort of timelapse on how the battle developed. And basically the top map is the almost same situation as the bottom map, namely the moment that the battle lines come into contact with each other. The fourth map is of a completely different battle, namely the one at Agincourt, where the French attacked the English, during the Hundred Years war, and were beaten by the English. And the last map is about Cannae at the moment that the battle lines come into contact. So the sequence to read the maps would be map 1 (starting position), map 5 (the Romans come into contact with the bulging(mostly Gallic) centre of Hannibals line), map 2 (the Romans push the bulge inward, between the “hard edges” of the more disciplined, and better armed and armoured veteran mercenary troops, while the Roman cavalry gets beaten by the Carthagan/Numidian/Spanish cavalry), map 3 (the Roman cavalry has fled, which leaves the back of the Roman legions open for attack, and the mercenary infantry do a half turn, and start fighting inward, at the same time that the resistance of the Gallic troops, which were slowly retreating just a minute earlier, stiffens, and the whole Roman army is surrounded, and gets slaughtered). Map 4 is not a map of this battle, as stated above.

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