Her Satanic Majesty. Mary Todd Lincoln’s Personality Problem

Mary Lincoln was a classic combination of rageaholic and pretentious show off. As soon as AbrahamLincoln won the election, she began spending lavishly provision the White House. Her seamstress recalled her criticizing Ulysses S Grant, referring to h8m as an unorganized butcher who loses two men for every single confederate.

Mary suffered the death of two children, Eddie when he was 3 and Willie, who perished from typhoid fever that contracted drinking from White House faucets.

The tragic event sent her a bit off her rocker. She began hiring spiritualists as she herself was bedridden supposedly from sorrow. Her new friends conducted seances, and she claimed that she often saw her departed children at the foot of her bed.

She hailed from Kentucky and had immediate family that fought for the South. Northerners hated her.

She and Grant’s wife Julia had a strained relationship. Unfortunately she shit talked everyone and was utterly jealous of rivals especially when Grant was depicted as a possible presidential candidate.


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