Don Ho, USAF

Donald Tai Loy Ho (August 13, 1930 – April 14, 2007) was an American pop musical  singer and entertainer.

He was born in the Honolulu.  He worked his way through Springfield College on a football scholarship. In 1954 Ho joined the USAF and trained to become a transport pilot. He flew C-97 MATS heavy transports for five years,

Afterwards his musical career blossomed when he learned to play the piano and started singing. He eventually landed spots in variety shows and launched himself as a popular crooner. He was a regular guest on TV shows, including I Dream of Jeannie, Charlie’s Angels, Sanford and Son, Batman, and McCloud.


C-97 Stratofreighter


He died of heart disease in 2007, and when he died he had ten children from two marriages. He was best known for the song “Tiny Bubbles” from the album of the same name.


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