More World War II Numbers

World War II ended with the Japanese surrender on September 2nd, 1945. That made it six years and a day long. It involved sixty nations and it killed seventy five million. Ten million died in Germany and Japan and 26 million died in Russia. It was 338 days that the Allied advance continued and covered 700 miles, and freed tens of millions of slaves. The advance captured 4 million prisoners and killed or badly wounded one million enemy soldiers.

The Allies provided more than two thirds of Eisenhowers 91 divisions, and one half of the 28,000 combat aircraft. World War II cost taxpayers $ 296 Billion. The US built and maintained 3000 bases overseas and 4.5 tons of material for each soldier.


We built and transported the equivalent of 181,000 train cars of goods. That includes 800,000 military vehicles. That includes 500,000,000 machine guns rounds and 23,000,000 artillery shells.

Among the weapons that had to be disposed of included 211,000 tons of German poisonous gas, 90,000 tons of mustard bombs and 3.7 million gas artillery shells.

About 5000 Allied personnel were arrested and charged with major  crimes. of the 48 tried in Britain, 11 were executed. US authorities tried 1,672 Germans for war crimes. 43 workers at Dachau were executed.


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  1. “The – Allies – provided more than two thirds of Eisenhowers 91 divisions”. I think that should read “Western Allies”

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