The conference at Yalta was a chance for the inheritors of power after World War II to decide how to govern. It was obviously one of the most important executive conferences In history.

Victualers were busy. Here is what went to the Yalta Conference along with Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill:

144 bottles of whiskey, 144 bottles of Sherry, 144 bottles of gin, 200 pounds of bacon, 200 pounds of coffee, 50 pounds of tea, 100 rolls of toilets paper, 2,500 paper napkins, 650 dinner plates, 350 tea cups, and saucers, 500 tumblers, 100 wine glasses, 20 salt and pepper shakers, 400 sets of cutlery, 36 large tablecloths, 13 sugar bowls.

Royal Mail Ship Franconia, brought supplemental victuals all the way from Yalta to the Dardanelles.

This complement included 180 bottles of sherry, 20,000 American cigarettes, 500 cigars, and of course, 1000 boxes of matches, hundreds of bottles of Rhine area wines, vermouth, Gordon’s Gin, Johnnie Walker Red, King George IV whiskey, 1928 Veuve Cliquot champagne, 20,000 Chesterfield and Phillip Morris smokes, and 500 Robert Burns cigars. the Russians brought a dozen bottles of 1928 Chateaux Margaux, cognac, beer 10,000 Players cigarettes, 18 bottles of White Horse, Black & White, and Vat 69 whiskeys.

When it was time overrun Auschwitz, the Germans had not had time cart away 14,000 pounds of hair shorn from women, 348,820 men’s suits, 836,515 dresses, neatly baked, and pyramids of dentures and spectacles.


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