Paris, After The Liberation.


When Paris was liberated it was a broken city. No gas, no power, no light, streets filled with thieves. There was a soap and water shortage and a leather shortage since it was saved for military wear and other applications. French women clattered around in wooden bows for a while. A cord of firewood was $120. A playwright said that “Paris seemed empty and hollow and dead like an exquisite corpse.”

In Paris, not unlike New York, the rich did well, and far enough back behind the lines, Allied military command lived fairly well.

A PX opened for officers only, and they contained perfume, fountain pens,bracelets and Zippo lighters.general Everett Hughes wrote about hunting partridges in Brian land near Versailles and all the French citizens available beat the brush.

More than 51 generals lived in the Hôtel Palais d’Orsay and in the King George V. French supplied Allies officers with cases of whisky and gin.


Source: The Guns at Last Light by Rick Atkinson


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