Global Hawk Unmanned Reconnaissance Aircraft Sent To Aid Haitian Relief Effort.

by Daniel Russ on January 14, 2010

Global Hawk

“One immense irony of the terrible destruction the earthquake wreaked in Haiti is that the Western Hemisphere’s poorest country is getting much of the world’s most sophisticated and expensive technology in its time of need.

Global Hawk, the high-​​flying reconnaissance UAV which costs roughly $135 million apiece, left Beale Air Force Base on Jan. 13 for Haiti. A story on the base’s web site quoted Lt. Col. Mark Lozier, operations officer with the 12th Reconnaissance Squadron:“In effect, you get to look at what we know is damaged, and what we know is still serviceable. We can take a look at airfields to assess, right now, whether or not we will be able to get airlift in there with aid. We don’t have to wait for a ground team to get in there and make on site decisions.”

Source: Dod Buzz, Blogrolled here

A huge pat on the back to the USAF!


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