Incendiary Behavior

RAF Pummels Essen With Incendiaries


British Air Minister Arthur Harris watched London burn for the roof of his offices on King Charles Street. He famously quipped “They are sowing the wind.”


Indeed, Allies hit back with a regimen that leveled 131 German cities, killed 400,000 people and left seven million homeless.


Germans had built over 3000 municipal air shelters. No water. No plumbing, some of them, and no food. Better than dying by shrapnel upstairs.


The German town of Essen once had 65,000 beautiful historic buildings. Now there were 500 buildings standing. And that’s also the tragedy of war, when we immolate our shared civilized architectural lagacies.


In one 24 hour-period, the Allies dropped as much ordinance on Duisburg as had been dropped over London for an entire year.


The iron factory in Darmstadt was hit for 14 minutes on September 13th 1944 and hit with 181,00 incendiaries and 2717 high yield gravity bombs.


Jesus, we went after them.


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