The Run-Up to the Capture of Strasbourg.

Jean De Lattre De Tasingny, French General of the 1st Army


82nd Airborne Division and French Resistance Fighters in France in 1944


The entire Allied Expeditionary Force in Western Europe in mid 1943 had begun to push into Eastern France and force the German Army back into Germany. The immense size of this endeavor just continues to stultify me. By the Fall of 1944 the massive attack had stalled and became a bloody mess, a war of attrition that the Allies pushed to end this, and the Germans pushed back buy another day. The French leader of the 1st Army, General DeLattre, knew that the army he led was hollowed out for lack of proper supplies and combat that just consumed tons of ordinance and weaponry.


As much as he hated it, he depended on the Americans for daily provisions to his army corps. A third of a liter of wine, ten pounds of crushed oats, 14 pounds of hay (For draft animals I suppose) and two ounces of salt. De Gaulle’s administration was billed $6.67 a day for this.


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