Israel And US Team Up To Create Ballistic Missile Systems Launched At Sea.

New Ship launched Surface To Air Missile Interceptor "Magic Wand" שרביט קסמים

“This trend can be seen at work in the U.S. Navy’s air and missile defense system, based on the Aegis radar and Standard Missile family. Aegis ships are being equipped to accept target-cueing from land-based TPY-2 X-band radars and E-2 early warning and control aircraft. In a cruise missile defense role, E-2s detect and track missiles and control an engagement with an SM-6 missile, which may complete the engagement before the target is within line-of-sight of the launching ship.

The Stunner missile, jointly developed by Rafael and Raytheon and part of the David’s Sling system, is due for its first intercept test in 2010, and also points toward the growing integration of air and missile defenses. Characterized as a lower-cost equivalent to the U.S. PAC-3 missile, Stunner will be fired from mobile launchers and is aimed at targets between the envelope of the Spyder system (which uses boosted versions of Rafael’s air-to-air Python and Derby missiles) and the Arrow ballistic missile defense (BMD) system.

Another layer to the system should become operational in Israel in 2010—Iron Dome, developed to protect Israeli towns from short-range rocket attacks. Its unique features, including a battle-management system that detects and ignores rockets that are going to miss populated areas and a low-cost interceptor, could find an application in critical-infrastructure protection and the defense of deployed forces.”

Source: Aviation Week And Space Technology, Bill Sweetman


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