Ike and Monty

General Dwight David Eisenhower, Supreme Commander, Allied Forces, WWII

Eisenhower came to believe that Bernard Montgomery is a good man to serve under, a difficult man to serve with and an impossible man to serve over.

Ernie Pyle walks over the beaches describing what he saw after 8 assault divisions invaded that first day.

“Shoes and shoe polish, sewing kits, diaries, bibles, hand grenades. Here are the latest letters from home, with the addresses on each one neatly razored out- one of the security precautions enforced before the boys embarked. Here are toothbrushes and razors and snapshots of families staring up at you form the sand. Here are pocket books, metal mirrors, extra trousers, and bloody abandoned shoes. I picked up a pocket bible with a soldiers name on it and put it in my jacket. I carried it a half a mile and put it back down on the beach. I don’t know why.”

Allied aircraft losses suffered 12,000, wounded, killed, missing. Thousands more unaccounted for. 127 allied aircraft. 8230 casualties would be part five 400,000 men wounded and the first of 7000 amputations.


From Rick Atkinson’s Book The Guns of last Light


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