England in 1945, Was Barely Holding On.

The Squander Bug. A Character Created by British Authorities to

Remind Brits to Save Everything. Like Smokey the Bear, Except For Recycling.


1945 England was a deprecated mess. Rubble in the streets. Bombed out architecture with no time to repair, rats over taking the sewer system. Children who slept their entitle childhoods in the British subway ( the tube). 50,000 dead from the bombings,

Everything you could make pretty much had to be rationed and the effects of the rationing was felt into the early 1950s. Men who allows one new shirt every few months. Supplies were so precious there were no fountain pens or wedding rings or shoelaces, bed sheets and vegetable peelers.

There was a lack of oranges. Children got their Vitamin C from turnips.

Woolton pie was made from onions, carrots, potatoes and flour.

It was awful.

And of Course there was the squander bug. This was an early British TV character that reminded people to save what could be reused or recycled.

This was basically a human sized cockroach with swastikas all over it.

Still the war was going well. German and Japanese troops were showing signs of exhaustion. The were running out of supplies and fought with absolute conviction and little chance of prevailing.



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