The Spanish Flu Was Far More Deadly Than World War I.

As noted in the Journal of the American Medical Association final edition of 1918:

“The 1918 has gone: a year momentous as the termination of the most cruel war in the annals of the human race; a year which marked, the end at least for a time, of man’s destruction of man; unfortunately a year in which developed a most fatal infectious disease causing the death of hundreds of thousands of human beings. Medical science for four and one-half years devoted itself to putting men on the firing line and keeping them there. Now it must turn with its whole might to combating the greatest enemy of all–infectious disease,” (12/28/1918).


The Spanish flu that raged during World War I caused from 50 to 60 million deaths. Total World Wa. I deaths amounted to 40 million people.


The Spanish Flu killed 50 million people. Which means roughly that after World War I, roughly 100 million people were dead. Also, it was rumored that it originated in China.


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