Mr. Scott.

by Daniel Russ on March 25, 2020

James Doohan

March 3, 1920 – July 20, 2005


He was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, the youngest of four children. And although he was known most for his Scottish Engineer character: Scotty, he was in fact Irish. Or that’s where his people emigrated from to get to Canada.


He had joined the Royal Canadian Artillery prior to Woerld War II, and in fact served as a spotter pilot during the war. But on June 6th, 1941, we was with the Canadian 3rd Division as they invaded Juno Beach in Normandy.


He shot and killed two snipers and then help set up his brigade. That night, crossing between his command post and another one, he was shot six times by a nervous Canadian sentry. One of the bullets removed his bird finger on his right hand.


Filmmakers had to use a prosthetic finger or another hand model when he had to touch a panel.


Although he never joined the Royal Canadian Air Force, he was a pilot and flew spotter missions for the Canadians.



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