Original D-Day Cricket Clickers

by Daniel Russ on March 8, 2020

Post image for Original D-Day Cricket Clickers

One of the ideas for keeping Operation Overlord a secret even during the invasion was to have paratroopers communicate with clicker, so Germans would not suspect a thing when they hear clicking, that could come from insects.


The Original Cricket Clickers were to be used on the first day only,  simple I click once and you click twice rtf show me you’re an Ally. Then they were tossed.



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Louis Kolkman March 17, 2020 at 2:45 am

Please be aware that not all paratroopers landing during D-Day got this. It was only given to those in the 101st Airborne division. So both the British 6th Airborne, and the US 82nd Airborne did not get, and use, these things.

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