The Amazing Cluster That Invading Sicily Became

by Daniel Russ on February 25, 2020



From Rick Atkinson’s Day of Battle.

“Ships wallowed like treasure laden galleons on the Spanish Main. The American convoys alone carried more than 100,000 tons  of supplies.  5,000 tons of crated airplanes, 7000 tons of coal, 19,000 tons of signal equipment the expedition manifest was Homerian in scale and variety. 6.6 million rations, 27 miles of ¼” steel cabling, rat traps, chewing gum, 162 tons of occupation scrip, and even 144,000 condoms also known as “the soldier’s friend” A ten page glossary translated British terminology…”


Half the total tonnage was munitions. And while US ammunition depts carried months of supplies, they were not organized in a useful way. Local retailers kept track but they didn’t speak English.


Extra radios were ordered by the pentagon. 732 to be exact. And 5000 carrier pigeons, a platoon of pigeon handlers and 7000 VHS crystal radio sets. And thousands of copies of The Italian Touring Club Guide.


Rum runners volunteered to help the military find targets








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