The Yom Kippur War Was A Proxy War For Missile Manufacturers.

Of course, the conflict in the Mideast is rooted in differences that are more than recent policy proposals. Their differences go back 1000 years. Oddly, they light a fire that burns so well for weapons manufacturers and regional powers.


The Yom Kippur War was begun by Assad of Syria and Anwar Sadat of Egypt that planned to repossess the Sinai Desert  and the Golan Heights that were taken from them in the Six Day War in a previous decade.


Some 2,700 Israelis and an estimated 16,000 Arab soldiers perished in the war. The IDF lost roughly a thousand tanks destroyed or temporarily disabled. Israel lost 102 jets, while Arab forces lost 2,400 armored vehicles and over 400 hundred jets.


The Arab and Israeli armies were lavishly equipped with then state-of-the-art tank, jets, and missiles from the Soviet Union and West respectively, including new types of weapons that would see their first major combat test. The result was a hi-tech slugging match of unprecedented scale and tempo.

As the Israeli M48 tanks barreled onwards, but Egyptian crews sent Malyutkas at them at 380 feet per second, their shaped charge warheads easily blasting through modern American armor. Malyutkas were the Russian equivalent of a TOW missiles, Tube Launched, Optically Sighted, Wire Guided missiles that found its mark with deadly accuracy. Over 100 Israeli tanks were lost on the first day alone. Egyptian signals intelligence intercepted plans for a counterattack by the 162nd Armored Divisions. General Hassan Abu Sa’ada orchestrated an ambush that knocked out 75 Israeli tanks in a matter of hours.


As Israeli F-4 Phantoms and A-4 Skyhawks winged towards the frontline, Russian born SA-6 missiles were fired—leading to the loss of 34 Skyhawks and 6 Phantoms in the first four days of the war.





Sagger AT-3 anti tank missile (Russian)


However, Israeli fighters did shoot down upwards of 500 planes over the course of the war. Otherwise, it was a fairly lopsided event where Israelis outperformed their Arab rivals.


Minutes before it came into effect, Soviet technicians unleashed three Egyptian Scud missiles on Israeli positions and killed seven people.


SCUD MIssile


Missiles are the great playing field leveler in the modern age. We got free missile testing facilities hidden in a centuries old cultural divide.


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