The US World War II Draft.

by Daniel Russ on November 26, 2019

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Well, as World War II approached, 16 million Americanmen registered for the draft in 1940. You could at first only serve for a month.

A conscript had to stand at least five feet tall and weigh at least 105 pounds. He must have at least 12 of his original 32 teeth.  He cannot have flat feet, venereal disease of any kind, and no hernias.


40of 100men were rejected. This in itself was indicative of the State of the Union and after the Depression, it was easy to see that so many had suffered.


You also could not be a father, or a felon nor 18 years old.


Over time, all of those requirement s changed.


A Gallup Poll taken in 1940 revealed that little has changed. Back then people felt that American youth were fart, pacifists, cowards, cynical, discouraged and leftist.


This old jeremiad was to be repeated with each generation of Americans. The fact of the matter is that most Prospects were quite conservative by today’s standards and all they needed was a reason to engage.


December 7th 1941, they got one.


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