The UK Police Have All Lost Their Minds

UK Police Poster

Before you complain about TSA agents in the US, take a look at our progressive partner in counter terrorism; The Brits. Now that’ll stop those terrorists.

Source: Boingboing


3 thoughts on “The UK Police Have All Lost Their Minds”

  1. You sure that one isn’t one of the mashups they did at boingboing? I know the police posters are pretty bad lately, but just the use of the word kook in the fine print makes me think this one of the mashups.

  2. well Cory Doctorow has been tracking the inanity of UK photo restrictions and terror marketing. I assume it is real.

  3. There have been some remarkable posters that are real, but I’m thinking this is one of the mashups. By the way, the mashups are a facinating thing to see. I think they do a tremendous job at showing a populations growing wariness of what i’ve started calling the “security circus”. Truly fascinating public mood study.

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