From “The British are Coming,” a quote about equipment needs.

by Daniel Russ on October 1, 2019


“Over the past nine months, the king’s ministers had carefully reviewed the watercraft and other matériel sent up the St. Lawrence in the last war. Modeled on the artillery train Wolfe carried to Canada in 1759, Carleton’s suite of brass guns, including some cast just this year, was exceptional. The Admiralty rejected Germain’s request for two hundred maritime carpenters as impractical, given the acute needs at Portsmouth and other domestic yards. But twenty shipwrights from Glasgow and ten English house carpenters were dispatched, plus hundreds of veteran sailors to be commanded by the formidable Captain Charles Douglas, who had brought Isis through the ice to Quebec in early May. The Admiralty and the Ordnance Board also shipped Carleton three thousand sail needles, fifteen thousand fathoms of rope, a thousand felling axes, eight thousand yards of sail cloth, and three blacksmith forges with bellows and anvils.”


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