How Quickly Things Change On A Battlefield.

by Daniel Russ on May 21, 2019

From: A Fierce Glory: Antietam–The Desperate Battle That Saved Lincoln and Doomed Slavery” by Justin Martin.

Colonel Charles Courtenay Tew for story on his sword going home by Peter Rob.Copy of original daguerreotype photo from 1860..


“After General Anderson went down, leadership devolved to the brigade’s ranking colonel. This was a man named Charles Tew. An adjutant scurried along the road until he found Tew, whereupon he informed the colonel that he was now in command. Protocol required that Tew acknowledge receipt of the message. As he rose ever so slightly and tipped his cap, a Federal bullet passed through Tew’s left temple and dislodged both his eyeballs from their sockets, before exiting his right temple. Colonel Tew had been in command for but a single senseless instant. The shocked adjutant turned heel and set up the road the opposite way, searching out the next-in-hierarchy, Colonel Francis Parker. As soon as he delivered the message, the adjutant fell, wounded by a bullet. Moments later, a bullet grazed Colonel Parker’s skull. Blood streaming down his face, he staggered out of the road and made for the rear. Command passed to Colonel R. T. Bennett. And so it went.”


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