2 thoughts on “Oddly Overly Friendly Civil War Portraits”

  1. I don’t see it. I only see best buddies who take a memento together.
    I think the problem is that in the present american culture two men (or even women, and sometimes even a man and a woman) touching each other smack too much of sexual intimacy. In other cultures (southern european, and north african for instance) this is far less the case. I see, and have seen, male companions, both in my country (the Netherlands) and in other countries in Europe (France, Italy, Spain, even Germany) in the same kind of embraces as in these pictures, and there was, and is, nothing sexual about it. In some places it is in way even percieved as macho, as expression of camaraderie and friendship. If I look at the pictures from my time in the dutch army (national service) most of the poses are present on those pictures also.
    So no, not oddly overly friendly for me.

  2. Of course you are so right. In cultures around the world men dance and hug and it’s OK just like it’s OK for women to dance and embrace. That said, your entire point is predicated on my use of the pronouns “Oddly Overly”. Not to diminish your point.

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