Women Who Dressed In Drag To Fight In Antietam.

We have written about women fighting in the American Civil War. In fact I wrote this article on this blog about 8 years ago.

Here it is.


Here are some more solid examples of the eight women who dressed in drag and fought at Antietam.

Union cavalryman Jack Williams (left) fought in 18 battles and was

wounded three times and taken prisoner once.

He was later revealed to be Frances Clalin a mother-of-three from Illinois

1860s: Women who fought as men in the Civil War There are over 400 documented cases or women fighting as men in the U.S. Civil War. These are photos of a few of them ©Exclusivepix

Sarah Edmonds served for two years in Company F of the second Michigan Infantry.

She later wrote of her experiences in her memoir Nurse and Spy

Dual identities: Irish immigrant Jennie Hodgers enlisted in the Union army

as Albert Cashier and then remained a man once the war ended

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