The Horrors of Allied Bombing.

by Daniel Russ on February 18, 2019

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In the Spring of 1945 a massive effort was made to wipe out Germany’s last oil capacity. 500 Allied attacks on 130 targets reduced oil manufacturing to a fraction of its original capacity.


The Allied strategic bombing initiative would leave 7 million Germans homeless, 400,000 dead and who even knows how many injured? 3000 municipal air raid shelters had been built and Germans grabbed their coats and fluorescent badges so they wouldn’t collide into people in the night. Citizens’ children tried to count the silver dots in the sky, the gathering bomber force that would soon deliver lethal payloads. People covered themselves with wet sheets to stave off burns and they kept their mouths open to avoid inner ear compression when bombs hit.


When bombers struck, the harm was lasting. No water or gas or electricity for weeks. And no food. The streets were adumbrated with cadavers, and there was little to do but wait for more slave labor to clean the detritus of war. In Essen, bombs from 272 raids left 5000 of the original 65000 buildings standing.


Efforts to impede war production brought repeated bombing of the same targets. On the steel center in Duisburg, 300 bombing raids were run until more bombs were dropped on Duisburg than had been dropped on London during the entire war.


Delayed-fuze bombs kept workers from clearing the area after raids or kept medics from rescuing people. During a single 14-minute raid, 2,171 high explosive bombs and 181,00 incendiaries were dropped.


The Horrors of Allied bombing.


On RAF attack on Darmstadt created fires so intense people were fused together and had to be pried apart for burial. Insane mothers carried the dead bodies of their families in boxes or towels until they could be buried. People tried to recover whatever items defined their lives: Bibles, guns, clothing, mementoes, but make no mistake, the Allied bombing of Germany was a devastating thing to most of the population.


Seven million slaves or POW slaves were left to clean up the mess.


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