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by Daniel Russ on January 25, 2019



For the brass in Europe after the Nazis were displaced, life was wonderful. Fine wines, champagne, beef, cigars, pipe tobacco, sugar, milk, farm fresh eggs, perfumes, fountain pens, stationary, and Zippo lighters. Many US senior staff, Generals, Colonels and so forth partook in lavish hunting trips bagging partridges, geese and quail. On the corner of the “Champs-Élysées and Rue de Bari, officers messed in a swank three story café where waitresses serve meals on starched tablecloths and a GI band played in a mezzanine balcony.” Writes Atkinson. These people were referred to as “Chair borne infantry at the Hotel Majestic.” All around them was the detritus of an ancient city in the wake of a massive extirpation that can only be rendered by industrial killing machines. Streets were adumbrated in broken stone, shards of metal and glass, and the remains of items carried and cherished by the people who until recently lived there.


The post Nazi Paris was also a bin of reprobate authorities and criminal opportunists who follow any train of chaos. Prostitutes were often called Hershey Bars because they exchanged services for any favor, money, medicine or candy. Bordellos were known as “houses of horizontal refreshment”. Fifty-one generals were living in the George V. Then British military command were quartered in twelve aureate and historic places, while the Americans were occupying 300 places. 


Don’t go forward of an army group,

Your proper place is SHAEF.

Don’t’ mind a bit

If you’re called a shit,

Just say, “Thank God I’m safe.”


“Whisky and Gin for General Officers. Six cases for each army commander had been requisitioned, four cases for corps commanders and three for divisional commanders, and two cases for brigadier generals.” You see, the Friends of W who made the Green Zone a bacchanalian fantasy trip were not the first in our history to press whatever advantages they could even under the harsh scrutiny of press.


As in any war, where foreign troops are amongst an indigenous population, sexual congress happens. Prior to the Second World War, the Army considered 30 cases of venereal disease per 1000 recruits an acceptable number. By 1944 in Paris, there were 222 VD cases per 1000 soldiers. Two thirds of the infections were originated in Paris. Eisenhower forbade AEF personnel to visit bordellos. He also insisted that most Penicillin produced go to the front and not to the commercial sex workers.


10,000 soldiers a day poured into Paris for a few days of rest and relaxation, and for people who are reminded daily of the blessings of just being alive. Bars opened up left and right, as the French were excellent capitalist and before long, burgers and bourbon were flowing in places called The Sunny Side of the Street and New York. At the Louvre, the Bayeaux Tapestry had been taken out of storage and put on display. The portion that showed the French defeating the English was folded out of sight.


Condom dispensaries appeared all over France. Some men were asked to provide proof that they had prophylactics in their possession. These men were called “pecker checkers”. Even women had to prove their chastity before being admitted to official residences as the proliferation of prostitutes was sullying the mission.



Consolidated B-32-1-CF (S/N 42-108471), the first B-32 built after modification to Block 20 standards. (U.S. Air Force photo)

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