Reading from The Guns At last Light. The War in Western Europe 1944- 1945, by Rick Atkinson. Part II.

by Daniel Russ on December 16, 2018


The saying in England was that the problem with Americans is that they are “over sexed, overfed and over here.”


My father served in the 8th Air Force and was stationed in England in service there of. He told me that in England, women would signal that they were ready for sexual congress when they kissed you. And men would try to get at least a kiss before they ended a date. Consequently, there was an enormous amount of concupisense there between American men and English women. Consequently, there were quite a few babies on the way, and they had to be supported. The US War Department set the rates and paid.


It was said that there were ad hoc street signs in London that said” Dear Yank, drive carefully. The child in the street might be yours.”




It didn’t help that GIs in Newcastle ate the swans out of the king’s summer palace.


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Louis Kolkman December 18, 2018 at 3:11 am

I know the quote as “Oversexed, Overpaid, and Over Here”.
Also I think it should be the 8th Airforce (The Mighty Eight), as to my knowledge there never was an 88th Airforce.

Daniel Russ December 18, 2018 at 5:34 pm

good catch

yeah my Dad wa sin the mighty 8th

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