The Heinkel 111 Zwilling. As If Dr. Seuss Created A German Aircraft.

Well we all know that WWII provided budgets and motivation for innovation. The fascinating thing is that when you are an armchair military historian, every few weeks you think, “well OK we know about everything you could know about what happened in World War II.” And just then you see something you haven’t ever heard of.

Well here’s another. In 1942 the Heinkel engineers connected two Heinkel 111 heavy bombers to each other in lateral tandem configuration.

I don’t think it went beyond a few prototypes, but it worked.

Crew 7-9
54 feet long
115 feet wide
63000 pounds fully loaded
5 junkers heavy engines
300 miles per hour
1174 miles range
16000 feet ceiling
7.7 mm guns and 20 mm cannons


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