The Junkers 287



If you can forgive the horrible music,  the imagery of this advanced aircraft design is hard to beat.

The Junkers Ju 287 amazing late-war, jet-powered designs for the German nation – now fighting aall over the world. The idea here was to emphasize heavy bombing as a way to hold off the tide of the Allied advance with their own strategic bombing. In 1943 Hans Wocke worked for Junkers and sent forth this swept-forward wing concept for a jet bomber that could fly fast enough to evade anti craft fired or fighters. They felt the forward wing concept would accommodate this higher speed.

The Junkers 287 would enjoy some developmental success during its short time aloft, completing as many as seventeen flights. Speed of 350 mph range 1000 miles, and a 30,000 foot service ceiling. It carried a whopping 9,000 pounds of ordinance. It featured ejection seats as well.

Developed earlier it may have extended Germany’s time at war. But by this time, it was too little and way too late.


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