Ivan Bratukhin’s Omega II

by Daniel Russ on August 15, 2018

In the age of early Soviet power, 1930, Ivan Bratukhin graduated from the Moscow Higher Technical Institute, and joined the Moscow Aviation Institute where he eventually taught. In 1932 at the Central Aerodynamics Institute he began creating some of the fist vertical flight rotor propelled aircraft. He pioneered aviation chapters like transverse rotor configurations, and amphibious vertical take-off and landing and believe it or not, auto rotation in the case the pilot was injured.

Designed a series of early helicoptersand this model, the – The Omega, with more robust engines in aerodynamic cowling and with fan engine cooling. His first helicopters were tested while tethered so they wouldn’t fly off and kill someone.

The Omega was a twin rotor transversally transmission. Each was powered by its own engine.

Few of these rotorcraft designed were further developed as the need for propeller driven fighter aircraft and long range bombers ate most of the intellectual bandwidth in aviation technology as the Second World Wart progressed.


Ivan Bratukhin 








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