The Nazi King


Edward VIII was one of the largest embarrassments of British Royalty in all of history. He was, like so many in the Trump administration, an admirer of Nazis. This was at a difficult time for England as Germany had not only exercised what amounted to an unannounced replevin of the Sudetenland, he had threatened war on allies of the United Kingdom. Set aside for the moment that Hitler represented everything England stood against.


Edward the VII also abandoned his one year reign as the Prince of Wales, so he could marry a twice divorced ne’erdowell American named Wallis Simpson. They were exiled from the British royalty and forced to accept a permanent non royal title as Duke and Duchess of Winsor. The choice of Windsor from Windsor  castle was total random. What this did for Germany was give Hitler a friend near the heart of the British government. They had connected to a vast network of fascist sympathizer across the English Channel and the Duke and Duchess spied for Hitler.


What it did for the United Kingdom was force Churchill to spy on the couple and  it forced Roosevelt to spy on everyone in the playing field. In the meantime the British gossip press spent time defaming or exposing her, depending on your persuasion, as a hussy.


It’s important to realize that early on, Edward was quite loved. He was good looking, charismatic and had a way about him that made him quite popular with the British public that enjoys royalty.


Many years of cat and mouse diplomacy showed how the Duke and Duchess maintained their royal wealth and protections, despite the fact they were never once even the slightest bit contrite about their support and admiration of Hitler and Naziism.


They settled after the war on a palace near Paris. Edward VIII died in 1972 in that palace and Wallis Simpson died in 1986.




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  1. Edward was Prince of Wales for far more than one year. He was Prince of Wales form his birth untul he was crowned. He was only King (Edward VIII to be precise) for one year, after which he adbicated, and forced his brother (who had a speech impediment, and was very shy) to become king. Apparently his niece (the present Queen) never forgave Edward for that, as her father felt duty bound to shoulder the burden, but she thinks it also killed him early.
    In the words of a prominent british historian: Edward was a far better Prince of Wales, then he was\would be a King.

  2. Go fuck yourself you Nazi asshat. You lost the wars. Stay in your lane. Not publishing this shit.

  3. Trump and his fascist friends have been shown the door by the American public because people like him and people like you should just go fuck yourself.

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