Grumman F9F Panther, The United States Navy’s First Successful Jet Fighter

by Daniel Russ on December 28, 2009

F9Fs on the USS Lake Champlain, 1953

“The Navy accepted a total of 1,388 F9F Panthers. The Navy and Marine Corps Panthers that were deployed in Korea, flew about 78,000 combat sorties. On November 9, 1950, the Panther became the first carrier jet to engage a jet-powered enemy; a “Mig-15 of the Chinese Peoples Republic.”

Wikipedia says the first air to air kill of this jet fighter in the Korean War was that of a Yak 9. This plane moved at about 500 knots, hard four 20mm cannons and carried rockets and bombs. Neil Armstrong flew this plane during the Korean war and in fact had to bail out of one that hit a wire stretched across a valley.

Source:, Wikipedia, Grumman website

If you ever get the chance, watch an old movie with William Holden and Mickey Roonie called “The Bridges At Toko Ri.” The air to air footage is nothing less than stellar and the flight deck operations of this plane are featured prominently.

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Kirk Talon May 29, 2011 at 4:19 am

Another movie to watch is “Man of the Fighting Lady” for shots of F9Fs flying in combat.

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