The Dunne D.8, (Or The AH-10)

by Daniel Russ on May 30, 2018

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This tailless swept-wing aircraft designed by John William Dunne from 1908 and produced since 1912 in the USA under license by Burgess was way ahead of its time. It could be one of the world’s first flying wings. J.W. Dunne’s first swept wing tailless biplane weas the Dunne D.5 and it crashed in 1911. The D.8 or AH-10 had swept back wings at 32°.

The D.8 was a tailless four bay un-staggered biplane with its wings swept at 32°. Its constant chord wings were built up around two spruce spars, the forward one forming the leading edge. It was stable because “the incidence and interplane space decreased outboard”. The struts were enclosed with fabric, wing tip were used for control, operated by a pair of levers, one either side of the pilot. It was powered by a 4 cylinder water cooled 60 HP engine. The Short Brothers, toy manufacturers, helped build parts of these planes.

The British Army felt it was too hard to control.


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